About Us

Apex Tigers


Our founder, Tony the Tiger, left his exciting job filling out spreadsheets for 20 hours a day on Wall Street, to live in the jungle. After an extensive amount of time living among the tigers, as well as a few Ayahuasca and mushroom trips, Tony decided it was time to bring his talents back to human civilization. So like any other rational person, Tony spent months creating animated tiger characters while living in his parents basement.

From these characters, Apex Tigers was created. Tony knew this was it. The future of art was here and he believed he could give these tigers a home on the Solana Blockchain, while simultaneously giving back to his tiger brethren he had left in the jungle. Tigers or humans, doesn’t matter… WAGMI.


While the team is usually deep in the jungle, sipping Coronas with the tiger cubs they have been raising, they are available on Twitter and our Discord. Feel free to reach out!